Preparing for a Merry Christmas in Your Caravan

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Preparing for a Merry Christmas in Your Caravan

Caravanning might be widely associated with summer trips to the coast, or bank holiday tours of the countryside, but have you ever considered a Yuletide break in your caravan? Choose the right location, and waking up on Christmas morning in a beautiful rural setting – hopefully with a sprinkling of the white stuff – can be a magical experience. What’s more, spending Christmas in your caravan is an ideal way to avoid the bustle of the modern commercial festival, and concentrate on what matters: family and friends.

But there’s no denying that Christmas in a caravan in Britain is going to take a little more preparation than a typical holiday in the height of summer, so it pays to make a list of things you need to arrange in advance.

Choice of Site

It may sound obvious, but ensure that the caravan site you plan to stay at is fully open now of year. Even if pitches are available to rent, in low season other amenities such as shops or laundry facilities are likely to be more limited. Make sure you know the lie of the land before setting off.


Whether the site’s facilities are fully open, it makes sense to take everything you can think of in terms of supplies. Adequate stocks of food and drink are essential, as during the holiday season you can’t rely on being able to shop successfully for everything you may need, even if the campsite’s shop is theoretically available.

The Christmas Dinner

And speaking of food, pay attention to your plans for the Xmas meal. This can be a challenging and stressful time for a cook, even in a fully equipped domestic kitchen, so be sure that your caravan’s facilities are up to the task of preparing the meal you’re planning. There’s no need to insist on a full turkey with all the trimmings – choosing something simpler but just as celebratory is more realistic, and will help ensure you won’t be left in a panic on the day.

Festive Decorations

Even if part of your reason for celebrating Christmas in your caravan is to get away from it all, packing a few festive decorations will help instil a touch of the festive spirit. From a little tinsel to a full Santa’s Grotto, the choice is yours, but why not go to town and transform your caravan’s interior just for that one day?

Warmth and Comfort

Modern caravans are far more suited to winter use than more traditional models once were, but nonetheless, it’s a good idea to be prepared for cold weather. Be sure to pack warm clothes, including ones suitable for outdoors – a walk through the country on a crisp afternoon is an ideal way to work off a little of that delicious lunch. Also, a few extra blankets or duvets may not go amiss to ensure an extra cosy Christmas evening, whatever the weather conditions outside.

Essentials and Emergency Supplies

Finally, be extra-certain that your gas supply is adequate, your main battery is fully charged, and that you have essential emergency supplies such as candles, torches, and spare batteries for portable equipment. Even experienced caravaners can get caught out – in the height of summer, emergencies can be easy to cope with, but when the outside world has shut down for the holiday, you need your caravan to be a self-sufficient haven, whatever happens.

If you’re looking for something a little different for your Christmas celebrations this year, your caravan could be an original and memorable choice. Just be sure you prepare carefully, so that it’s memorable for all the right reasons!

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