Benefits that make lodges the perfect investment opportunity for your holiday home!

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Benefits that make lodges the perfect investment opportunity for your holiday home!

Are you looking for somewhere to relax?

What are the benefits of lodges and why should you invest in them as your relaxing holiday home?


Lodges are expensive initially however once the cost is broken down, they are as reasonable as the costs for building a house with bricks – in fact the expenses are much lower! The types of lodges for sale on the market, come in a range in different designs in order to meet individual preferences – whether they be modern or traditional. The time it takes to build a lodge is purely dependent on the type of lodge you are after; alternatively, they are much easier to build and the process is somewhat quicker than that of a brick house too! As a result of this, the costs to build a lodge are much cheaper because contractors are not needed for excessive time periods.


Lodges are all installed with excellent thermo-installation, this ultimately preserves warmth for your luxury lodge. Advantageously the lodges warm up effectively, which is perfect if you decide to go to your cabin during the winter months, especially because the lodges are designed to lose heat gradually over time – ensuring your lodge is well-heated.

Long lasting

Lodges on average last between 150 to 200 years – highlighting environmental positives. The maintenance of these lodges is simplistic, since the lodge is made from high quality material. If experienced professionals are employed to build your luxury lodge, this ensures that your lodge is environmentally friendly and economically friendly.

Where to buy your lodge?

Abbey Farm is home to a wide range of lodges that are built to an exquisite-quality and specifically to meet your demands. We have facilities that are accessible 52 weeks of the year, and are sure to have something that will meet your unique style!

Our lodges are beautifully designed to meet your needs directly. We create the framework for you to build a loving home, putting your own personal stamp on it! Additionally, the lodges we have for sale are spacious and suitable for the whole family.

Not entirely sure what you’re looking for?

At Abbey Farm, we have “Woodlands Views” that includes single and twin units. Both our units provide you with excellent value for money, so don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding our holiday lodges for sale!

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