5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Lodge

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5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Lodge

Lodges are always very beautiful designs, and are great if a space more homely than a caravan is desired. They make for fantastic living spaces and are becoming more and more popular in the UK. If you are looking to join the trend and purchase a new lodge for living in, or renting one for a quiet holiday away in one of Britain’s many resorts, then there are certain factors that you may want to consider when purchasing a lodge.

1) Space
This factor is pivotal when purchasing a lodge, as this will determine how much furniture and storage you can store inside. Perhaps if you are looking to rent out a lodge, or rent one yourself for holiday purposes, then a smaller lodge may be for you due to the fact that you will probably be spending little time in there and it won’t be where you spend your day to day lives. However, if you are going to purchase one for a longer stay, then a larger lodge may be for you. This is because over time your storage will build up over time and if you are going to be spending your day to day life there, then space to manoeuvre is recommended.

2) Number of People
This is largely linked to the space factor, however you need to determine how many people will be regularly using the lodge before you decide to purchase it. You could purchase a smaller lodge if it would only be used by 1 or 2 people, on the other hand if this was going to be used by a family or a group of people then a larger lodge may be useful. This is due to the fact that a lodge that is too small may limit people’s personal space.

3) Condition
When buying a new lodge, making such an important and expensive investment should mean that you go to expect your potential new lodge first, and not just examine the images on the company website. This helps you get a proper feel for the property and to see if everything is in the right condition for you. If it is advertised that the lodge is in perfect condition, then surely you want to make sure that you are not miss sold. This can be vital in influencing your decision when purchasing or renting a lodge due to the fact that you want to feel as comfortable as possible whilst saying in the lodge, and poor condition can hinder this dramatically.

4) Facilities
When you’ve established that the lodge is in good condition, then take a closer look at the actual facilities they hire. Take a look on the website and the specifications of the lodge, this will show if it has the correct facilities for the people that will be housed in there. All lodges should have beds, kitchens, bathrooms that include a shower and suitable living area, this will be mandatory. However some lodges allow for accessories such as wheelchair access and luxuries such as a garden or a Jacuzzi.

5) Location
This could potentially be the most simple of your consideration as lodges are usually normal available in holiday parks or resorts. However choosing the right one can be a tough task, before even looking for a lodge, check out the parks available and pick a lodge from your favourite. Many parks are child friendly and offer a range of activities as well as night time entertainment.

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