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15 Feb · Kieran Ford · No Comments

Keep Caravan Parks Rolling

As the popularity of caravan and camping parks are dwindling amongst youngsters, there is still hope for the Great British holiday.

The idea of making your own memories in the middle of nowhere in the fields of Britain seems to be one that is seldom thought about by young people in Britain these days. The suggestion of heading to a caravan or camping park on a family weekend are often met with groans by the most recent generation of the family. This could possibly be because the typical British child/teenager has become accustom to the idea of a holiday to a resort in sunny Spain or even further afield.

What they often fail to realise is that there are often just as many enjoyable experiences are to be had staying within Britain than by leaving it in order to absorb a foreign culture. Many of these often include visiting a caravan or camping park which is much closer to home.

There are also residence opportunities in a lodge, which could house an entire family or could just be for those who prefer a “homely holiday”. I often come across the saying “it’s nice to be away, but it’s nice to come home”, well by staying in a luxurious British lodge, there is the perfect blend of the two. As well as this, children have most of the technological appliances that would be accessible in the normal family home such as a TV, as well as the added bonus of a games room in some cases in order to create fresh ways of enjoying family time together.

Whether the older generation like it or not, technology and especially Wi-Fi has become a large part in the daily life of youngsters. On a European holiday to Spain or Greece for example, Wi-Fi will not be cheap and when a Wi-Fi connection cannot be established, mobile data (3/4G) usage will be at exceptional expenses. On a holiday to a caravan park, Wi-Fi may not be accessible all of the time but the park will likely be situated near a Wi-Fi hotspot, and 3G is accessible at all times.

Parents should use a trip to a caravan or camping park as an opportunity to relive their youth through their children, and to show that fun is there to be had by utilising the great outdoors. The park will normally have attractions on site such as entertainment areas, swimming pools and coffee bars. If you are looking to traipse further afield, there will always be local attractions within a short distance of the park to make sure that there is always something to do.

By giving the youngsters constant activities, this will make them realise that trips to caravan parks are not all the doom and gloom that could be portrayed to their generation. This also provides vital family time which is what a holiday is all about, and that look of joy on the face of children will be priceless in years to come.

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