5 things to consider when buying a static caravan

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5 things to consider when buying a static caravan

Are you looking to buy a static caravan? Have you done sufficient research? Buying a static caravan can be a big decision and requires careful research and consideration. But here at Abbey Farm, we thought we’d help you out, so check out these five important factors you need to consider.
Is your static caravan pitched in a rural area or coastal area? Is the area prone to flooding? If your static caravan is located in a destination where there is a water surplus, you should be prepared for immense annual rainfall – your holiday home may suffer from flood damage if it is not protected appropriately, therefore make sure that you are insured! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a location which offers peace and tranquillity, you really do not want to be nearby a swimming pool, it would be idyllic for you to pitch in a forest or woodland area which is designed to meet your needs specifically.
What costs are involved?
Is your static caravan new or pre-owned? How old is your caravan? Is it ready to be replaced? The condition of your caravan can impede the cost. If your caravan requires modifications or alterations, it may be more affordable upfront but in the long run, it will turn out more expensive and you will end up throwing money away. Transportation from your home to the site of your static caravan can sometimes be expensive depending on the distance you are required to travel. Consider this and whether there is a more affordable alternative, perhaps someone nearer?
Usage of your holiday home
Will you use your static caravan during the summer holidays? If not it may be an idea to encourage someone more appropriate to use the facilities to ensure value for money, as you’ll still be paying land rental charges even if you’re not using it. Also, over certain periods your caravan park may provide other services such as events for kids. HOWEVER, if your friend or family member may be visiting with a pet, you should make sure to check with the caravan site in advance to find out whether pets are allowed.
Amenities and maintenance
Does your static caravan have access to gas, electricity and water? Are you aware of how to pay the bills? The caravan park should have the capability to provide you with any information you require. According to the terms and conditions of your static caravan, you may have to turn off the gas and electric as a result of the park closing throughout the winter. You may also need to drain the water to stop water freezing and bursting pipes.
When leaving your static caravan, it is necessary for you to consider the cost of VAT on removable items such as the TV and fridges. Linking to this, have you thought about the cost of your TV license? If all the family go away to the static caravan, you are covered by your current TV license however if some remain at the home, you will be required to take out a new license too!
Abbey Farm has 24 sites which are available 52 weeks of the year. These all have access to water, gas and electricity – as well as providing you with other luxuries including Wi-Fi and accommodating facilities for pets on all our sites, throughout the whole year – we are sure to cater to your individual needs and provide you with your dream static caravan!
Enquire now for a new or used static holiday home!

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