5 Advantages of Using a Touring Caravan for Your Holiday

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5 Advantages of Using a Touring Caravan for Your Holiday

Cast your mind back to a time where touring caravans were flooding caravan parks all over Britain. They still make an appearance, but they are far sparser due to the emergence of the static caravan. There are still many advantages of using touring caravans for your holidays that can be still used today.
1) The Touring Element
A touring caravan isn’t called a touring caravan for nothing! Unlike a static caravan, these can be moved to anywhere you want just by towing them on the back of your car. This allows for realistic “last-minute holidays” and the portable element of this kind of caravan would allow for much more frequent holidays away which results in perhaps more precious family time, literally wherever your heart desires!
2) Maximising Space
It is no secret that touring caravans are smaller than that of their static counterparts, however this can make the space more homely, but still allow for private spaces. If you are in need of more space, then an awning can always be attached to create some outside leisure space if you feel like that the space inside your touring caravan is too small. This can be especially useful if you are going to accommodate friends and extended family as this space can also be used as a sleeping space.
3) Price
Another advantage of using a touring caravan for your holiday is the difference in price between these kind of caravans and static caravans. Touring caravans are much cheaper due to the difference in size, however using the awning method above, you can make this less of an issue. This can lead to you paying significantly less for a caravan that does exactly the same job. Touring caravans are available comfortably under £2,000 whereas static caravans are priced 5x more than this, with prices towards £10,000!
4) Size
Although the size of the touring caravan could be seen as a hindrance, it could also be seen as a large advantage in practical terms. This is because you can fit the caravan down many roads and alleyways that would be much harder or even impossible with a static caravan due to its sheer size and immobility. You can also fit more caravans into parks with their smaller size which will make for a much more snug fit and you can still have privacy without being miles away from everyone else.
5) Follow Your Interests
Whatever your hobby may be, if you are that passionate about it, then you can follow it around without the pressures of making it home in the same day or having to constantly pay out for a B&B. This again adds to the freedom of where the touring caravan can take you, as you can go as far as you want and always have a safe place to stay and live temporarily.

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